Herbal Prescriptions

During your consultation with me I shall evaluate your case and prescribe a blend of herbal remedies, uniquely formulated for you. Depending on your own needs, these can include tinctures, teas, creams & herbal supplements, along with dietary and lifestyle advice.

I'll let you know during your appointment how much of your medicine to order the first time round. Sometimes it may be appropriate to try the herbs out for a week or a month, and then book in with me for a repeat appointment to assess your response. In other cases, I may suggest continuing to use your medicine for several months at a time before we review again. This entirely depends on the individual case.

Instructions for your medicine will always be clearly labelled on the packaging. Please pay close attention to these - any change in your formula may result in a change of dose/time of day you should take it etc. 


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Herbal Tinctures are alcoholic extracts of herbs. Alcohol can be used to extract a range of compounds from botanicals.

Generally I will blend around 4-8 different herbs within your prescribed tincture, specifically aimed to support your unique ailment and constitution.

The amount of alcohol within herbal tinctures is extremely low - they are very safe for daily use, even in pregnancy (if specifically prescribed for you with this in mind).

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Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas are prescribed in the form of a blend of loose leaf dried herbs, formulated specifically for you. These can be prepared for drinking at home in a tea pot, with a tea diffuser, or by popping them into a reusable teabag.

Specific herbs may need brewed/steeped for longer than others. You'll find the preparation instructions on the packet.

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Topical Treatments

While treating internally is important, it can also be useful in certain cases to support with topical treatments used externally on the skin, such as creams, lotions and oils. This can range from ear, nail and hair oils, to creams for rashes and irritations or lotions for dry skin patches and so on...

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Herbal Supplements

In some cases I'll also prescribe specific supplements alongside/instead of the above remedies. These will be herbal in nature, often formulated by myself, or by a trusted brand.

The link below allows you to order Bespoke Prescription Capsules, which are made to order.

Otherwise, if you are prescribed a pre-made supplement, I'll let you know where you can source these.

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