I'm Dee Atkinson, and my life long motto has been to increase public awareness of, and access to, professional Herbal Medicine.

Alongside consistent work with patients and other professionals from around the world in clinical practice since my graduation in 1988, I also have a deep personal commitment to the education of herbal practitioners, preserving this vital knowledge, and the essence of traditional herbal medicine formulation.

BA(Hons) FNIMH Medical Herbalist

  • Heartwood Education -Senior clinical supervisor on the Heartwood Professional Course in Herbal Medicine

Herb Hacks

Try adding some chamomile flowers to your morning smoothie for calming, grounding support to the nervous system and digestive system, as well as some anti-inflammatory action!

"It is a so life affirming to see patients in person and to be able to do clinical examinations. I teach clinical skills to students, including the medics who over the years have sat in my clinical practice"

  • Trust Your Gut

    One of the things I have observed in clinic over the years is the connection between our overall health and our gut health. Time and again a patient will come in with, say, a skin problem or an issue with their joints...

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  • Stress & It's Relationship to Disease

    When our body stops managing to maintain internal balance and harmony there is an increased likelihood that we develop disease. Stress and the sustained release...

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  • Menopause

    Over the last few years I have seen many patients who are looking for alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy, or who are struggling with menopause symptoms. The onset of the menopause can bring...

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My sister and confrere herbalist Chanchal Cabrera has always been an inspiration to me. As well as running Innisfree Farm & Botanical Garden where she cultivates a variety of foods and medicinal plants on Vancouver Island, she runs a busy herbal clinic, lectures internationally, hosts conferences and in 2023 her widely acclaimed book Holistic Cancer Care was published .

Check out her website here