My Clinical Practice

I run my herbal clinic based at Napiers the Herbalist in Edinburgh, where I've been practising since 1988. I offer appointments both IN-PERSON here at the clinic, or by TELEPHONE or VIDEO call, should this be more convenient for you.

You can read more about my approach to Herbal Medicine, the many varied conditions I have experience in working with, and what to expect to from a consultation below.

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Herbal Medicine Consultations

1 Hour Appointment - £120.00

This appointment type is advised for new patients who have never consulted with me before, or who have not seen me in the last 3 years

Appointments are available IN-PERSON at Napiers Edinburgh, or by TELEPHONE or VIDEO CALL


You may give reception a call on 0131 225 5542, or an email to to discuss your booking further

30 Minute Appointment - £60.00

This appointment type is advised for repeat visits or for seasonal ailments or advice.

(If this appointment type is booked for a new patient, you may be asked during the appointment to rebook a further slot if there is not enough time to explore all issues)


You may give reception a call on 0131 225 5542, or an email to to discuss your booking further

Short Telephone Consultations (15mins) - £20.00

This appointment is carried out by telephone, and you must be a current patient before booking. This is aimed at quick check-ins before renewing prescriptions or to ask questions regarding on-going treatment.


You may give reception a call on 0131 225 5542, or an email to to discuss your booking further

Got more questions before booking?

The reception team at the clinic are well trained in pointing you in the right direction as to who may be the best practitioner/therapy for your needs.

Fell free to reach out to them by email: or telephone 0131 225 5542

You may also drop me a message directly using the "contact me" box at the bottom of the page, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

My Approach to Treatment

I take an eclectic and wide ranging approach to health, and to both assessing and working with my patients. I have learnt that there is no one answer or way to good health, but rather many inter-linking paths and crossovers. I have trained in orthodox medical science and clinical diagnosis, but also have an understanding that illness has both a physical and an 'energetic' side.

I take time with my patients to work on both the presenting symptoms and the possible underlying causes. I will often ask for copies of blood work, or arrange for further testes to be done. I know that flexibility and understanding are needed when working with complex health situations and there is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I often use different modalities such as nutrition and lifestyle advice, and working within a multidisciplinary clinic means that patients have the benefit of access to other therapists and treatments, which may compliment the herbal remedies I prescribe in certain cases. I often cross refer where appropriate.

Ill health and disease are often the expression of internal imbalance. In many cases, we do not fully understand the mechanisms that lead to this imbalance, sometimes seeking help for one physical problem, such as a rash for example, when the real issue comes from an internal imbalance. I always look beyond the presenting complaint to try to understand this imbalance: it might come from the gut microbiome for instance, or it could be an inherited pathway, or perhaps be driven by stress. The true aim of a herbal consultation is to restore both the physical and energetic balances throughout the body, and to help the patient with a health road map. Herbal Medicine is the oldest known form of medicine and, in world terms, is the most widely used form of medicine. Herbal medicine can work well alongside orthodox medicine and patients can often benefit from a dual approach.

Long Covid & Lyme Clinic

In recent years I've been very involved with research into infectious diseases such as Lyme Disease and the effects of Long-Covid, working with other professionals and patients across the world, to help guide them on the road to recovery

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Herbal Prescriptions

I will prescribe a protocol of herbal medicine uniquely formulated to your own needs, following investigation into your case through consultation

Read more about forms of herbal prescriptions here

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Supporting Cancer Patients

I work to support cancer patients both throughout and after treatment. Have a read of my blog posts "After Cancer, What's Next?" and "Detox, Cancer and Me"

If you are interested in learning more about how Herbal Medicine can support in the treatment of cancer, I recommend checking out my sister Chanchal Cabrera's book - Holistic Cancer Care: An Herbal Approach to Reducing Cancer Risk, Helping Patients Thrive during Treatment, and Minimizing Recurrence

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My Patients

Many of my patients have chronic health issues and come to herbal medicine looking for support in the management of them, whilst others have a single problem that they want to address.

Some patients are referred by their GP or consultant, and I often work as part of a patient's healthcare team. I may suggest that other treatments, either orthodox or complementary, would be more appropriate for your condition. It is always my responsibility to make sure that I take the best approach for your health issue.

A large part of my practice is working with women's health care, with an emphasis on managing hormonal change and ageing. I also support patients who are undergoing cancer treatments, often working alongside their healthcare team, to help support the process both physically and emotionally. This is an area of special interest in which I have personal experience. (Check out my blog posts "After Cancer, What's Next?" and "Detox, Cancer and Me")

I also have a specific interest in working with Long-Covid and Lyme Disease, being involved in working with both patients other professionals in these fields in recent years.

I have over 35 years of clinical experience and have worked with many different health scenarios. I treat a wide variety of patients, with the only exception being children. If you are unsure about whether I can help, please contact me before booking using the contact box at the bottom of the page, or talk to the Edinburgh Clinic reception team on (+44) 0131 225 5542, who are well trained to point you in the right direction.

International Patients

I often work with patients from over-seas via video consultation through Zoom.

Pop on to my online diary to see my up-coming availability. (Bear in mind time options given here are in GMT - convert this to your home time-zone to see what might be appropriate for you.)

Can't seem to find a time that fits? Drop me a message below and I'll do my best to organise something with you outside my standard clinic times.

International Prescriptions

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Have a few questions before booking in with me? Drop me a message via the contact box below and I'll get back to you ASAP, or contact the lovely Napiers Edinburgh reception team (0131 225 5542 /, who are well trained to advise who may be an appropriate practitioner for your needs.

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